Your business’s transformation journey is unique. We offer expert guidance in Agile practices, leadership development, and organizational agility to support that journey. Working alongside you, we evaluate your present state, design a bespoke strategy, and execute it through a tailored roadmap for change. We provide expert guidance and support in agile practices, leadership development, and organizational agility that assist our clients in lasting change and transformation. With our deep expertise in business, agile frameworks, and methodologies, we empower your teams and leaders to embrace a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and innovation, resulting in improved business outcomes.


Organizational Agility Consulting

We guide organizations in creating more adaptive structures, collaborative product development practices and behaviors, and measure business outcomes. We take a probe-sense-respond approach to change and use metrics as a guide, not the goal.

Agile Enterprise Coaching

Our certified ICE-EC coaches work with organizations to facilitate the adoption of Agile practices and principles across the enterprise. Our approach is grounded in ICAgile’s Agile Enterprise Coaching (ICE-EC) framework, which provides a holistic view of enterprise agility and enables us to transform organizations’ culture, mindset, and practices.

Organizational Assessment

We conduct an organizational assessment to understand the current state of your organization’s agility, identify areas of strength and improvement, and provide recommendations for the next steps. This assessment covers the organization’s structure, culture, mindset, and practices and provides a baseline for measuring progress.

Agile Transformation Strategy

Based on the results of the organizational assessment, we work with your organization to co-create an Agile Transformation Strategy that aligns with your business objectives and goals. This strategy includes a roadmap for implementation, identifies key success factors and risks, and provides a plan for ongoing measurement and improvement.

Agile Leadership Coaching

Our ICE-EC-certified coaches coach and guide leaders at all levels of the organization. We work with leaders to develop the mindset, behaviors, and skills needed to lead Agile transformation and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Agile Team Coaching

We provide coaching and guidance to Agile teams, helping them adopt and apply Agile principles and practices and continuously improve their performance. Our team coaching approach includes facilitating team workshops and retrospectives, providing guidance on Agile practices and tools, and helping teams to overcome impediments.

Agile Facilitation

Our coaches are skilled facilitators who can help your organization to design and facilitate Agile ceremonies, workshops, and events. We help teams to collaborate effectively, identify and solve problems, and make decisions in a timely manner.

Agile Culture Change

We work with your organization to create a culture that supports Agile principles and practices and enables continuous improvement. Our approach includes identifying and addressing cultural barriers to Agile adoption, promoting transparency and collaboration, and fostering a growth mindset.

Agile Metrics and Measurement

We help your organization to identify meaningful Agile metrics that align with your business goals and to establish a system for measuring progress and driving continuous improvement. Our approach includes educating teams on the value of metrics, defining metrics that matter, and establishing a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Agile Certification Training

Our Agile Certification Training provides a robust learning platform for individuals and teams seeking to deepen their understanding of Agile methodologies. Our courses are designed around the principles and practices that drive Agile transformations, including Agile leadership, team coaching, facilitation, and more. Certified Agile trainers lead our courses, imparting practical knowledge through interactive workshops, case studies, and discussions. Upon completion of the training, attendees are fully prepared to take their respective Agile certification exams. This training enhances individual skills and builds an Agile mindset across the organization.

SAFe Transformations

This service offering would focus on helping organizations plan and execute their SAFe transformation. It would include the services of “Reaching the tipping point,” “Create a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE),” “Training executives, managers, and leaders,” and “Create the implementation plan.” This service helps organizations prepare for their SAFe journey and ensure a solid foundation before launching Agile Release Trains (ARTs).

SAFe Certification Training

We offer comprehensive training courses tailored to help professionals earn their SAFe certifications. Our programs cover all aspects of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), including Lean-Agile principles, Agile Release Train (ART) implementation, Lean Portfolio Management, and more. Designed by SAFe-certified trainers, our courses include practical exercises, real-life case studies, and thorough preparation for the certification exam. By completing our SAFe certification training, professionals can gain the skills and knowledge required to drive SAFe transformations in their organizations, improving efficiency, collaboration, and business outcomes.

Lean Portfolio Management

We guide organizations in optimizing their Lean-Agile practices at the portfolio level, including Portfolio Vision, Lean Budgets using Participatory Budgeting and Guardrails, and Lean Portfolio Management. Our expertise in Lean Portfolio Management facilitates alignment and strategy across the portfolio, enabling the organization to focus on delivering customers the most valuable products and services.

References and Case Studies

Our engagement in the transformation journey extends to diverse clients, from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies to hyper-growth VC-funded startups and businesses just starting out. Our experience spans various industries such as pharmaceuticals, fintech, technology, manufacturing, SaaS, and services businesses. We have been privileged to guide and support these organizations as they chart their unique paths toward agility and resilience.
We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to meet each client’s unique needs, focusing on multi-team environments. We have completed successful engagements across the US, Europe, and Asia, reflecting our ability to navigate diverse business cultures and dynamics.
Our experienced coaches, consultants, and trainers are at the heart of our operation, each a specialist in their respective Agile disciplines. These professionals are positioned globally and prepared to offer their expertise wherever needed. Our team’s diversity is our strength, enabling us to bring various perspectives and experiences to each engagement.
Our coaches and facilitators don’t just deliver services; they partner with your teams, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. They are passionate about Agile methodologies and use their deep understanding of the field to inspire, mentor, and guide. Whether facilitating a workshop, guiding a team through a transition, or providing one-on-one leadership coaching, our team is committed to empowering yours.
We understand the importance of transparency and tangible results in any consulting partnership. Comprehensive case studies are available after consultation. We are mindful of our client’s privacy and ensure all shared information is confidential.
To explore more about our work and how we can assist your organization, we invite you to schedule a call to continue the conversation.

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