Agile Practices

Implementing Built in Quality

What is "Built-in Quality" in SAFe? "Built-in Quality" in SAFe is a core practice ensuring quality standards are met throughout the Agile team's process of creating customer value.

Portfolio Kanban board with various tasks and progress indicators

Implementing SAFe: Portfolio Kanban

The SAFe Portfolio Kanban SAFe Portfolio Kanban is a method for visualizing and managing the flow of portfolio Epics, aligning strategy and execution in SAFe. In SAFe, Portfolio Kanban is a crucial tool for managing the flow of portfolio Epics, guiding them from ideation to analysis,…

Agility at scale case study 1 - Engagement Process

Case Study: Using Agile to Improve Productivity by 240%

Introduction This is a case study of a two-year project with an actual client. Over the period, we iterated through numerous improvement evolutions, experimenting with various concepts and processes. At the two-year mark, we measured the following improvements:Productivity increase of 240% Reduce…

SAFe Planning Process Illustration

Mastering SAFe PI Planning

What is SAFe PI Planning? PI Planning (Program Increment Planning), a regular event in SAFe, orchestrates Agile teams to envision shared objectives, devise strategic roadmaps, manage dependencies, and strengthen collaboration, aligning team efforts with overarching business goals. PI Planning…

Scaled Agile Program Management

Implementing Essential SAFe

Implementing Essential SAFe What is Essential SAFe? Essential SAFe is the simplest starting point for SAFe implementation, providing minimal elements necessary for Agile Release Trains (ARTs) to deliver solutions.

Confidence vote PI Planning

Mastering the SAFe Confidence Vote

The Confidence Vote in SAFe The Confidence Vote is a crucial element in the Program Increment (PI) Planning process within the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). It serves as a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the confidence level that Agile Release Train (ART) members have in the feasibility…

Agile Product Delivery

Mastering Agile Product Delivery with SAFe

What is SAFe Agile Product Delivery? SAFe Agile Product Delivery is a customer-centric approach to defining, building and releasing a continuous flow of valuable products and services. SAFe Agile Product Delivery (ADP) reflects a profound shift from project-based to product-based delivery, hinged…

70-20-10 Learning Model for Agile Training Coaching Facilitation and Leadership Development

Mastering Lean Portfolio Management with SAFe

What is SAFe Lean Portfolio Management? SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is a strategy execution framework for aligning strategy and execution in organizations. In the context of SAFe, LPM becomes a critical instrument that helps businesses connect strategy with execution, ensuring the work…

Mastering Team and Technical Agility with SAFe

What is SAFe Team and Technical Agility? Team and Technical Agility refers to the ability of development teams to adapt rapidly to changing customer needs, business goals, or technology while maintaining a high standard of work and technical excellence. Originating from the Agile Manifesto (Kent…

User Research

The Ultimate Guide to User Research: Mastering Usability, Discovery, and User Studies

Introduction In today's competitive market, understanding user needs and providing exceptional experiences are critical for product success. Mastering the art of user research, usability testing, and discovery can save time and money and ensure your product's success. In this comprehensive guide,…