Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

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Implementing SAFe: Portfolio Kanban

The SAFe Portfolio Kanban SAFe Portfolio Kanban is a method for visualizing and managing the flow of portfolio Epics, aligning strategy and execution in SAFe. In SAFe, Portfolio Kanban is a crucial tool for managing the flow of portfolio Epics, guiding them from ideation to analysis,…

SAFe Core Competencies

The 7 SAFe Core Competencies

The SAFe Core Competencies The SAFe Core Competencies encompass seven areas vital for achieving Business Agility. They are central to PI Planning as this event aligns teams on the business strategy and execution for the upcoming Planning Interval. by Morne Wiggins

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Mastering the SAFe Confidence Vote

The Confidence Vote in SAFe The Confidence Vote is a crucial element in the Program Increment (PI) Planning process within the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). It serves as a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the confidence level that Agile Release Train (ART) members have in the feasibility…

70-20-10 Learning Model for Agile Training Coaching Facilitation and Leadership Development

Mastering Lean Portfolio Management with SAFe

What is SAFe Lean Portfolio Management? SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is a strategy execution framework for aligning strategy and execution in organizations. In the context of SAFe, LPM becomes a critical instrument that helps businesses connect strategy with execution, ensuring the work…

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Implementing SAFe: Requirements Model (v6)

What is the SAFe Requirements Model? The SAFe Requirements Model is a hierarchical structure that manages and organizes requirements in large-scale Agile projects. The SAFe Requirements Model helps organizations align their business objectives with their development efforts, ensuring that teams…

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SAFe Requirements Model (v6) - Program Level

What is the Scaled Agile (SAFe) Program Level? The SAFe Program Level is where Agile teams and stakeholders collaborate to deliver fully integrated, potentially shippable increments of a system or product. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Level is the second level of the SAFe model, where…

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SAFe Planning and Execution Series: An Introduction

SAFe Planning and Execution Series Overview In this first post of our SAFe Planning and Execution Series, we will introduce the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and its key principles, components, and levels. We'll also discuss the prerequisites for adopting SAFe. In the following posts, we will dive…

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SAFe Requirements Model (v6) - Portfolio Level

What is the Scaled Agile Portfolio Level? The Scaled Agile Portfolio Level is the highest level of concern in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), providing strategic direction and funding to value streams. The Scaled Agile Portfolio Level is the highest in the Scaled Agile Framework, where the…

Customizing Agile

Customizing Agile Frameworks: Tailoring Practices to Fit Your Organization's Unique Needs

Introduction to Customizing Agile Agile methodologies have revolutionized the world of software development, offering teams the flexibility and adaptability needed to succeed in an ever-changing environment. Born from Lean Manufacturing principles and solidified by the Agile Manifesto, Agile…

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SAFe Requirements Model (v6) - Team Level

Why the Focus on Scaled Agile Teams? As we dive into the realm of software requirements, one might question the need to commence with a thorough examination of the organization, roles, and responsibilities within a Scaled Agile team. The essence of Agile diverges so drastically from traditional…